Fat Mom to Fit Gymnast
Once upon a lifetime, I became a gymnast

Have you ever imagined yourself at 95 years old?  What advice would you give yourself at the age you are now, on the threshold of 2012? 

I’m a 33-year-old obese mom of two small children.  Once upon a time I was a fit college athlete.  Once upon a time I had energy and grace and confidence.  And I intend to earn those characteristics again.

At my heaviest, I weighed 285 pounds.  At 5’7”.  I’m now somewhere in the 240’s.  And on the way down.  My eventual goal is to weigh somewhere around 133-145 pounds, and to join a local adult gymnastics class. 

My initial strategy is to eat a nutritarian diet, lift weights at the gym 3x per week, and do 90 minutes of cardio 6x per week.  As I become more fit, I will add in activities specific to gymnastics conditioning.

For readers familiar with gymnastics terms, my targets are to be able to do a kip on the uneven bars and a back extension on the floor.  Oh, and to climb a rope.

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